Document management for the Blockchain,available for Ethereum and Gochain

Digital asset management system for blockchain applications

Trackable digital assets exchanges.

Prove any file authorship, transfer to other peers.

Blockchain based access rights

Have your blockchain smart contract rule all your open source applications access rights.
Track all access rights modifications permanently.

Blockchain based authentication system

Customize your authentication strength.

Based on blockchain keys for critical accesses, or based on passwords for regular accesses.

Secured protocols for P2P exchanges

All files exchanges are encrypted (TLS). All P2P content folders have unique blockchain identities.
Recover all your personal access rights for all your content folders by your own unique blockchain identity keys,
with cryptographic exactitude and safety.

The dAppBox is a document management layer for the blockchains. It currently supports GoChain an Ethereum blockchain. It is fully APIfied.
Use the dAppBox if you want your smart contracts to manage document access and storage.

Example - Case 1 Certifiy your documents
Share files among the team within your own ruleset.

Generates a cryptographic proof of any file

CSS3 Animations

Case 2 Store documents with blockchain references

Every folder have unique blockchain addresses with access controlled by the blockchain

Case 3 Share content Build content networks

Orchestrate decentrailized content on the blockchain

Proofs natively provided by the dAppBox

Ownership transfer

Proof of document transfers between dAppBoxes

Any file transfer is kept on IXXO blockchain.

Distributed search

Proof of access rights grants

Prove you granted access to your files

Data asset identity

Proof of ownership

Proof the ownership (being the first file author) for any dAppBox file.

They trust us

Data asset identity

Teralab technical team is seeking to provide data solutions for projects. Therefore, we are specifically targeting innovating technologies to highlight their potential to our user base, and in the later case helping in integrating those solutions in their environment. The blockchain is currently one of the most seek after technology. The dAppBox solution (from Rockchain) helped us testing a private blockchain deployment on our internal cloud; it tracks document exchanges between entities. By providing us their infrastructure, Rockchain answered our need as far as the “notarization” was concerned, i.e. the tracking of file transfers, which is for us the core feature of this technology. More


-Anne-Sophie TAILLANDIER, Teralab director

Data asset identity

Sunnylake is implementing a proof of concept distributed web application on top of the dappbox infrastructure in order to notarize the proof of consents and correctly manage access rights between a distributed set of actors. More


-Jean Christophe Despres, CEO Sunnylake

Data asset identity