DappBox networks: Programmable privacy in open networks

In today's ligthing fast innovation, highly interconnected ecosystems, evolvable privacy is a strategic asset. Don't let solutions vendors decide your privacy rules for you.

Trackable digital assets

Prove you host a document, keep track of document transfers (GDPR)

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Searchable private files


With RockEngine "privacy virtual engine", search privately in remote private files.

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Cheap notarization

based on a fault-tolerant distributed pubic dappbox network

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Programmable access rights

Define the rules that govern the access to any file or folder in the network using smart contract logic.

Time-dependant access rights, transferrable rights, economic incentivisation, group based access rights...

You finally manage your privacy management.

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The dAppBox network is a peer to peer network with access rights managed on the blockchain.By combining routing algorithms in disributed data networks with cryptography, we are able to solve three major privacy use cases.

Privacy case 1 private+private=public
Compute public metrics from 2 private nodes

The RockEngine "privacy virtual engine" runs on dappbox private nodes. It extracts public information computed from private data nodes. View the details and use cases

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Privacy case 2 Find if an item is in a list without compromising the list privacy

Example: suspect items in a confidential list

Privacy case 3 Aggregate distribute data while preserving the identity of all individual data facts

Example: moving average of prices based on individual producers data.

The public / private dAppBox networks

A dAppBox network is inherently private. However connecting to the public dAppBox network provides extra notarization and advertisement features.

Ownership transfer

transProof: Proof of documents transfers between nodes

Prove that a document has correcly been sent from one server to another

ExamplesTrack user information documents transfer for GDPR, proove that a legal document processing workflow is respected
Distributed search

dAppSearch: find private content based on public metadata

Search public metadata and get the unique links to private documents. Ask access to the document owner online.

Examples: Search for medical survey documents, photos and movies...
Data asset identity

docProof: Prove the ownership of any document

Create a unique identity to your document that can be verified online.

Examples: Prove you store customers contracts locally, prove you are the first author of a drawing

They trust us

Data asset identity

Teralab technical team is seeking to provide data solutions for projects. Therefore, we are specifically targeting innovating technologies to highlight their potential to our user base, and in the later case helping in integrating those solutions in their environment. The blockchain is currently one of the most seek after technology. The dAppBox solution (from Rockchain) helped us testing a private blockchain deployment on our internal cloud; it tracks document exchanges between entities. By providing us their infrastructure, Rockchain answered our need as far as the “notarization” was concerned, i.e. the tracking of file transfers, which is for us the core feature of this technology. More


-Anne-Sophie TAILLANDIER, Teralab director

Data asset identity

Sunnylake is implementing a proof of concept distributed web application on top of the dappbox infrastructure in order to notarize the proof of consents and correctly manage access rights between a distributed set of actors. More


-Jean Christophe Despres, CEO Sunnylake

Data asset identity